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Starting Price

Add Ons

6x6inch: $140

8x8inch: $210

11x14inch: $400

Real Sand: $15

Double Wave: $20

Additional waves: $10 each


Wood Grain as sand:  No Charge

Other dimension examples: 

4x4, 10x10, 12x24, 24x36, 48x60, 48x72

Email for more info

Each piece starts out with single wave in the style of your choice. Free US shipping included.

Add ons will be an additional cost to the starting price. 

Style Choices

Style above are the most commonly picked, but not limited to these choices. If you have another style in mind please email

Hawaiian Hues:

Multiple shades of Hawaiian blues with white waves crashing on golden sand.

California Coast:

Inspire by the California coast, deep shades of blue with highlights of teal wipe up on light tan sand.

Caribbean Islands: 

Clear glassy light blue waters gently ripple soft foam that soaks into white sand. 

Tahoe Tones:

Deep dark icy blues inspired by Tahoe Winter season includes multiple shades of dark blues with small ripples washing up the light tan shore line

Edge Preference

- Color dripped edge

- Clean white edge

- Natural wood edge

*These add on prices are limited to 6x6, 8x8, and 11x14. For add on prices to other dimensions please email

The edge of the canvas can be finished in 3 different ways

Fill out Order Form below to start process. Please allow time for custom pieces to be made. If needed by a specific date, please include that info in the order form. For additonal information or questions please email

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