Bulk Order 6x6inch Wall Art (5 pieces!)

Bulk Order 6x6inch Wall Art (5 pieces!)

Making it easier (and cheaper) for you to give unique and handmade gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. 

Includes 5 6x6inch wall art pieces!
Original Price: $140each
Christmas Package deal: $80 each

Custom style choices: 

Hawaiian Hues:
~Multiple shades of Hawaiian blues with white waves crashing on golden sand.

California Coast:
~Inspire by the California coast, deep shades of blue with highlights of teal wipe up on light tan sand.

Caribbean Islands: 
~Clear glassy light blue waters gently ripple soft foam that soaks into white sand. 

Tahoe Tones:
~Deep dark icy blues inspired by Tahoe Winter season includes multiple shades of dark blues with small ripples washing up the light tan shore line

Order before Nov 26 for a free 6x6inch wall piece for yourself!! That’s 6 wall art pieces total! 

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