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Lacing Tips

Learning how to lace is a constant uphill battle. It is one of those things you have to consistently practice!

First off, lacing is a technique used to get that white ocean wave look. It is what creates cells and separates the white to create that perfect rolling froth.

I am going to share how I create my lacing. ULTIMATELY all it really takes is practice. Learning how to create the look you want takes practice.

FIRST! Use a good quality brand of resin. It really does make a difference. I use Table Top Pro from Mas Epoxy. It is the easiest for me to achieve the frothy lace look I like. I’ve also used Art resin that has helped achieve a more scattered froth. I’ll add photos at the bottom of the different looks I’ve achieved with different resins. But try some out and find what works best for you!

Next is the paint! So many people use pigments but I like to use white acrylic paint in my resin. I use the Martha Stewart paint. Always add less than 10% paint to resin. I try to get as much white paint in the resin without ruining the chemistry. You’ll learn the consistency you want once you do it a couple times. Once your concoction starts getting really stringy like melted marshmallow you’ve gone too far! It is fixable, just add more resin until it gets back to a honey consistency. You’ll learn! Don’t worry! It takes time to find your groove.

Ok! HEAT GUN! I wrote a blog post more in depth of all the products I’ve used, but currently I use the Wagner heat gun. Literally the cheapest one you can find. I’ve used sooo many heat guns and this is the one that I like the best. It is a slower blow so I feel like it gives me more control of what I’m doing. Also try different angles when blowing the white wash. One day I’ll make an online course that will show you exactly how I get mine! If that interests you please comment below. Also let me know what other things you’d like me to share with you.

Next step really is just practice. Go try it. Resin art is an expensive hobby and I share all of the things I’ve learned to try and help you not spend as much money as I did teaching myself. I have spent thousands of dollars on materials and countless hours perfecting my technique and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned with you! But go find your own technique! It’s more fun to create when you aren’t copying someone else to a T :)

Below I’ve added photos of Lacing with different resin brands. Now please note that there are plenty of other techniques you can achieve with the same resin! So please don’t think that these designs are limited to only these brands.

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