• Kimi

2020 | Divided

This year has been such a crazy unexpected year for all of us. I know that this is a year I’m going to remember forever. I wanted to create a piece in the midst of all this chaos while my emotions are still raw.

I named this piece ‘Divided’. There is gold accents that separates this piece into two parts.

So much has happened this year don’t you agree? And lately it feels like you have to choose one side or the other with every topic. Everything. One side or the other side. There is so much tension and anger between these sides that it has caused so much division. Instead of coming together like so many of us have hoped, it has separated us so so much.

I’m not going to pretend that I have the answers to mend both sides together, because I don’t. That’s not what my intention was. Rather, I wanted to create a piece that symbolizes how much we’ve all gone through. We’ve faced so much pressure and stress and fear of the unknown. Fear of what tomorrow will bring. It’s been a hell of a year and I hope that we can find peace in the midst of this chaos. I love you guys! Stay safe.

Divided, 2020


Alcohol ink between layers of Resin


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