Q & A

I hope to be able to answer all your questions here. If you have more please feel free to reach out at mi@fluidartbykimi.com

Q: What medium is this?

A: Good question! I'm not really sure. Basically it's just a huge science experiment and I feel like a mad scientist every time I paint. I use epoxy resin. Basically, it's a 2 part liquid glue (or liquid plastic) that when mixed together becomes solid. I have about a 30 minute window to add color and heat to create seascapes.

Q: How did you find out about resin?

A: When I was living in Cosby Tennessee I started pour paintings with acrylic paint. My instagram explore page soon became flooded with everything art and one day a resin video popped up. I immediately was mesmerized by it and watched every video I could find about it. I had to get my hands on it and I fell in love.

Q: Is this your job?

A: Basically? I feel weird calling it a job because it's not your typical job. But I make money doing it lol so I guess so. I'll probably forever refer to it as my hobby lol. I've picked up a few nannying/babysitting gigs, and recently started doing Sketchup designs for a woodworker, but other than that I paint the days away.




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