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"I sign my pieces with the last half of my name, partly because I can't sign my whole name without it looking like a 2 year old signed it.. and the other part is because I have finally found a way to express who I am. I am the absolute worst at communicating what is in my head. I can never organize words well enough to convey the thoughts in my little brain. It has always been tough for me and a bit discouraging. The ocean has always been the place I feel comfortable enough to sit, think and watch. The rhythm of the waves help unravel my thoughts enough for me to feel like I can actually breathe. That is why I can't help but pour my whole heart into this art. The ocean is what helps me feel calm and rejuvenated, and that is what I am wanting to give back. To help people feel at peace, and to feel at home through a piece of mi."


Kimi, an emerging artist, has always had a love for the water, but the mystery of the ocean has captured her heart. She shares this passion of the sea through the medium of resin. With multiple layers of pigmented resin, she creates the life, serenity, and power we feel when we gaze at the mystery of the sea. Those with a love for the ocean and it’s beauty will recognize the complexity in her work.

Kimi was born in Utah in 1996. She has always been intrigued by art in multiple forms including ballet, piano and painting. Growing up she always took family trips to the beach and immediately found her happy place. In 2010 her family moved to California where that love for the ocean only grew. After graduation she attended College on the island of Oahu Hawaii where she was surrounded by her happy place. She studied only for a short time until she built up the courage to stop attending. Kimi expresses, "I am an introvert and hate standing out. I would rather follow the crowd and follow the rules. That was why it was so terrifying for me to drop out of college. I wanted to live a life that I love. And I hated school. I hated debt. I hated the life that I was building. It wasn't until I started painting that I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. And oh how nervous I was to tell my mom that. But do you want to know the best part? The best part is how supportive my mom was. She believed in me. She said pushed me to follow my dreams. So with her encouragement I ran whole heartedly with it." 

Since 2018 Kimi has been traveling up and down the California coast selling her art at shows and festivals. Now she lives in NW Arkansas and has her work displayed in Art on the Square in Bentonville. 

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Q: What medium is this?

A: Good question! I'm not really sure. Basically it's just a huge science experiment and I feel like a mad scientist every time I paint. I use epoxy resin. Basically, it's a 2 part liquid glue (or liquid plastic) that when mixed together becomes solid. I have about a 30 minute window to add color and heat to create seascapes.

Q: How did you find out about resin?

A: When I was living in Cosby Tennessee I started pour paintings with acrylic paint. My instagram explore page soon became flooded with everything art and one day a resin video popped up. I immediately was mesmerized by resin and watched every video I could find about it. I had to get my hands on this medium and I instantly fell in love.

Q: Is this your job?

A: Basically? I feel weird calling it a job because it's not your typical job. But I make money doing it lol so I guess so. I'll probably forever refer to it as my hobby lol. I've picked up a few nannying/babysitting gigs, and recently started doing Sketchup designs for a woodworker, but other than that I paint the days away.

Q: What do you use for your color?

A: I get lots of questions about the products I use, if you head over to my blog I post all about it down to the heat gun and brands of paint I use :) 

Q: What Resin do you use on your pieces?

A: I'm going to point you in the same direction as the question above, my blog post talks all about it. Recently I've been given opportunities to try multiple brands of resin and give feedback. I have found some that I like and I wrote a blog post all about it! Click here to read it!

Q: What do you do other than paint?

A: Nothing. Lol. I love to go boating and wake surf! I love watching the sunsets. My boyfriend is teaching me how to fish and also play tennis! I like to embroider! I recently moved, so I am super into diy home projects right now. 

Q: Do you teach classes?

A: At the moment, no. I have something brewing though in the back of my mind though! I'll keep you posted!