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The one and only, me. Hahah hi guys, I don't know if any of you read this.. but I'm the artist. I am 24 years young and am living in California. I tried going to college but I hated it lol. All I really want is to be a mom so I am creating a life that will allow me to work from home so I can still be present for future kiddos. (Now that I've scared off all the boys) I love painting. It's my passion that I want to put everything into. I 100% love it and hope I can do it forever.



Hi, my name is Kimi. Ok... the way I came up with this business is kinda weird. In 2018 I had a summer job in Tennessee. And well.. to cut to the chase, my boyfriend at the time left a bit earlier than me to go back home. So me, being a complete introvert, was left in Tennessee with more than enough free time on my hands. I started painting and creating and before I left I sold most of my creations. I'm still in shock that people actually bought them.. so I start selling a bit more and more.. and well here we are guys!



Surprise! It's me again. Ok. Guys. Starting a website and business instagram is hilariously hard. AND I LOVE IT. I love all the behind the scenes of a small business. I do everything from making the art to staging the art for pictures. Editing photos to uploading photos on the site. I also manage everything from packing to shipping to finances. (I spend all my money at craft stores so I probably need help with the finance part lol) But I love being my own little secretary. I love this small business.

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