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Kimi, an emerging artist, has always had a love for the water, however the mystery of the sea has captured her heart. Sharing this love through the mixed medium of resin and acrylics, one will feel the complexity of the ocean in her work as she recreates the life, serenity, and power of the deep.

"I sign my pieces with the last half of my name, partly because I can't sign my whole name without it looking like a 2 year old signed it.. and the other part is because I have finally found a way to express who I am. I am the absolute worst at communicating what is in my head. I can never organize words well enough to convey the thoughts in my little brain. It has always been tough for me, and a bit discouraging. The ocean has always been the place I feel comfortable enough to sit, think and watch. The rhythm of the waves help unravel my thoughts enough for me to feel like I can actually breathe. That is why I can't help but pour my whole heart into this art. The ocean is what helps me feel calm and rejuvenated, and that is what I am wanting to give back. To help people feel at peace, and to feel at home through a piece of mi."